Theodor Kittelsen

The third in a pre-Christmas line up of snow paintings.

thumbnail of Christmas Troll
From “The Christmas Troll” (Juletroll ) 1907
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At about the time when yesterday’s subject, Victor Westerholm, was active in Finland, another Scandinavian artist was struggling to make a living in Norway. While we have by and large forgotten the prosperous Westerholm, the memory of Theodor Kittelsen lives on today in the hearts of many Norwegians, even though he died in utter poverty, leaving a widow and eight children behind.

thumbnail of Self portrait
Self Portrait 1891

thumbnail of The Water Spirit
The Water Spirit” ( Nøkken ) 1887

The short version of his bio from Wikipedia:

Theodor Severin Kittelsen (* 1857 in Kragerø, Norway; † January, 21st 1914 in Jeløya, Norway) was an Norwegian artist who had become well-known for his nature paintings on the one hand and on the other hand for his illustrations of fairytales and legends, especially of trolls.

You can find a few links to his work on the Wikipedia page, and a marvellous site about troll paintings here.


Lost And Found – Studio AKA’s Shot at Christmas TV Short Prize

thumbnail of Lost and Found
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What’s a boy supposed to do when a penguin turns up at the door?

thumbnail of Lost and Found

Take it back to Antarctica of course.

thumbnail of Lost and Found
This might mean having to row it all the way back….

thumbnail of Lost and Found

Just don’t ask how it arrived in the first place, that’s all….

thumbnail of Lost and Found

Above all, do not question how a penguin is supposed to row a boat using only stubby little wings. We’ll have to wait for the film to be released on Christmas Eve to find out.

The thorough impracticality of returning penguins to the Antarctic is shown by this picture taken during repatriation rehearsals….

thumbnail of Pushing the boat out

That penguin isn’t even trying to help…

Adapted and Directed by Phillip Hunt at Studio AKA from a book by Oliver Jeffers, published by Harper Collins.

To be screened on Channel 4 this Christmas Eve and again on Boxing Day.

Watch the trailer below:

The Vaguely Xmas Exhibition

Exhibition Invitation Image

An art exhibition featuring work by 26 of London’s animation stars kicks off on Monday 17th of November (Private View) and continues until the 22nd of November. 11am – 6 pm.
Waterloo Gallery Baylis Road Waterloo London SE1 7AA – Very close to London Waterloo station.

    bullet pointBrendan Amphlett bullet point Jen Arthur bullet point Gianna Cazza bullet point Gerry Gallego bullet point Aurelie Gauthier bullet point Neville Astley bullet point Sharon Smith bullet point Sean Hayden bullet point Alan Kerswell bullet point Katerina Kremasioti bullet point Vanessa Luther-Smith bullet point Aidan McAteer bullet point Uli Meyer bullet point Christian Mizon bullet point Isabel Radage bullet point Gideon Rigal bullet point Ed Roberts bullet point Neil Ross bullet point Michael Schlingmann bullet point Ferran Sostres bullet point Minuca Sostres bullet point Lisa Vallentin bullet point Philip Vallentin bullet point Rich Wake bullet point Tim Watts bullet point Glen Whiting bullet point

How to get there.
Image courtesy of Neil Ross

Snow Scenes #9 – Christmas Edition

After looking at paintings of snow scenes created by artists who lived many years ago, it’s time to look at some pictures that have been painted by contemporary artists. What these people have in common is that, apart from being superb concept artists, they are also all featured in the blogroll (see left), and in most cases they are colleagues or ex-workmates.

As an introduction, (and a continuation of the Russian theme established in the last post) we kick off with an amazing photographic image of a snowbound church on the island of Kizhi. If you look very carefully you will see that despite the church being a world class architectural treasure, the place is in a lamentable state of repair. The photo is old, however, so let’s hope that someone has splashed a bit of cash on restoration since it was taken.
On with the pictures…. Or as my partner says: “Here you go”

thumbnail of Kizhi Island Orthodox Church In The Snow
Kizhi Island Orthodox Church In The Snow
(Click the thumbnail to enlarge, as usual)

thumbnail of Gora
Painted by the very talented Andrei Riabovitchev

Another one by Andrei, featuring complementary colour contrasts.

thumbnail of Frozen Lake
Frozen Lake

Here’s Daniel Cacouault‘s contribution to this collection of snow scenes. It’s a concept design from a commercail for Coca Bears. –
thumbnail of Coca Bears
Coca Bears
I love those slick, glowing ice reflections in the foreground.

Here’s a couple from the boss, Hans Bacher, who can really lay it down fast and simple. And it stays down….
thumbnail of Low Sun
Low Sun

thumbnail of Distant Ridge
Distant Ridge
This picture perfectly illustrates Hans’s planar approach to composition.

Now for a couple of Neil Ross‘s snow themed pictures –
thumbnail of Two Wolves
Two Wolves

thumbnail of Thorgal

And finally, Clive Powsey socks it to us with this beautiful study of positive and negative shapes. So simple and yet ….
thumbnail of Cornice

I hope there’s no one in the blogroll who will take offence at being left out of this little review.
It’s late, and have to get up early to roast a turkey to feed 14 people!

Happy Christmas one and all!