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André Durenceau – Inspirations 1928 9

(Please click all these thumbnails to see the bigger pictures) Illustrator, artist, muralist and bon viveur André Maurice Durenceau was born in Auray, France in 1904 and by the time he was 24 he’d emigrated to the USA and had his first limited edition folio of designs, called “Inspirations”, published. There’s very little easily accessible […]

Lighting Up Dark Chocolate 0

I was doing a bit of research into colour the other day, and I headed over to the splendid archive of American Cinematographer. I found the information I was looking for spread across two of the (free to access) archive issues. The Color-Space Conundrum 1, and The Color-Space Conundrum 2. What really caught my eye, […]

Ivan F. Choultsé 34

This is number seven in the seasonal series of snow scene themed posts. (Don’t try to say that with a mouthful of crackers.) The first time I came across the work of Ivan Fedorovitch Choultsé, (1877 – 1932) I couldn’t make up my mind whether he was a colourist genius or an early incarnation of […]