Another Recruitment Ad for NO2ID – by HMG

When the Government introduced its ID card legislation several years ago, it made one thing clear. Even though it would be obligatory to register on the ID database when obtaining a new passport, it would not be compulsory to carry a card. …. Continue reading Another Recruitment Ad for NO2ID – by HMG

With Friends Like This… (Updated)

Who needs enemies?

Just seven pages long but classified as “UK Top Secret”, this latest intelligence assessment on al-Qaeda is so sensitive that every document is numbered and marked “for UK/US/Canadian and Australian eyes only”, according to our correspondent.

According to reports, this document may have contained details of names of individuals or locations which might have been useful to Britain’s enemies.

However, it appears that in a serious breach of the rules, the papers were taken out of Whitehall by an unnamed official and left in an orange cardboard envelope on the seat of a Surrey-bound train from London Waterloo on Tuesday.

Update: Amazingly, there were some other secret documents travelling on a train in the opposite direction on the same day! Read the story here.

And wait! There’s more:
November ’07: Discs containing child benefit records of 25m people lost
December ’07: Driving Standards Agency contractor loses records of 3m people
January ’08: 600,000 details of would-be recruits lost by Naval officer

… And this lot want to introduce a database that holds the most detailed identity information about every single citizen of this country….

There’s an opportunity to tell them what you think of their National Identity theft Register here.

“The Register” Readers respond to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

For those of you living outside the UK who might not have heard this dismal story, a hapless functionary at the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) sent 2 CDs containing the personal details of all families in the United Kingdom claiming child benefit to a firm of accountants who were contracted to audit the accounts of HMRC.

On the 20th of November, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (equivalent to a Minister of Finance) announced that the 2 CDs had gone missing.
This is thought to affect approximately 25 million individuals and 7.5 million families in the UK. The discs which have gone missing include such personal details as:
* Name
* Date of birth
* National insurance number (Social Security Number)
* Bank details, where relevant

Obviously, this incredible lapse of security generated a vast amount of news coverage here in the UK, and a huge outpouring of spin, flannel and bullshit from our government. As the days went by since this fiasco was unveiled, there has been a growing sense of public disbelief in the sheer ineptitude and massively stupid behaviour of the ministry. Continue reading “The Register” Readers respond to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs