Tavik František Šimon

This is post #5 in this mini series of Yule snow scenes, and today’s artist is T.F.Simon, a prolific painter and printmaker from Czechoslovakia who lived between 1877 and 1942. Today is the first time I’d ever heard of him! I just stumbled onto a website devoted to him, while looking for somebody else.

(Click on this small thumbnail to enlarge it.)
thumbnail of Hradcany, Prague
Hradcany, Prague 1929

Amazing how this monochrome work superbly expresses the feeling of cold. Brrrrr.
This second image shows the direct influences on Simon’s printmaking technique that accrued while he travelled extensively in the East.

thumbnail of Tori Gate, Kyoto
Tori Gate, Kyoto 1928

Here’s the huge website I dropped into, and it’s packed with Simon’s work.

Some Kimono Fabrics

While doing some visual research for an ongoing project, I came across this beautiful group of textile print designs from a photo set on Flickr.
thumbnail of Kimono fabric designs

Here’s the Flickr set it forms part of –
thumbnail of The Flickr set of Kimono fabric designs

There’s a blog called Teatime, that is linked to the set …

thumbnail of The Flickr set of Kimono fabric designs

… that contains some very lovely vintage illustrations of Japanese and Chinese women from the early part of the 20th Century.

thumbnail of Vintage Oriental pin-ups

Some of these images had been first published on another site, Atown graphics.com

thumbnail of Vintage Oriental pin-ups

thumbnail of Vintage Oriental pin-ups