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A Research Goldmine at the National Portrait Gallery 3

A couple of years back, I was having a good old moan about The National Portrait Gallery website, and its pathetically small images. The good news is that The NPG site has had a complete makeover recently, and you can find large versions of just about all their stock of images. That’s only a part […]

Photo Gallery of Animation People 0

Richard Keith Wolff has been patiently taking photos of people in the animation business for nearly twenty years. Paul Chung, Russell Brooke, and Molly Jo Sanderson, Soho 1995 Richard has a long standing reputation as a rostrum cameraman. He has concentrated on his hand held camera work for many years now, and has been photographing […]

Chinese New Year – Pictures 0

Last Sunday found our family in London’s Chinatown, celebrating Chinese New Year. The new camera was put through its paces in the brilliant low angle sunshine; quite challenging conditions for this small but versatile camera. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge them, please) This shot is a bit extreme in its contrasts. The little Panasonic has […]

ColourCountry 2

This is one of the oddest websites I have seen in a while. I cannot remember what I was researching when I found it. All I know is that I was held entranced in its soft and quirky grip for a time that seemed to last for ages, but in reality was probably very short. […]