Tatsuyuki Tanaka – Cannabis Works

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Tatsuyuki Tanaka, the animator from 4c Studios whose first major job was key animator on Akira (1988), has a folio of work from his 2003 graphic novel / manga “Cannabis Works” on view at Digik Gallery.

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Aside from enjoying the masterly draughtsmanship evident in all his work, I’m also a great admirer of the subdued colour schemes he employs. They give a sense of otherworldliness that suggests not just another place, but also another time for the events he draws so well.

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This third panel is from a series called “Fifth Dimension” that Pink Tentacle has thoughtfully translated into English.

Truly, gorgeously, bizarre….


TekkonKinkreet Background Paintings

I found these beautiful background paintings in Tekkon Kinkreet, a full length feature film derived from Taiyo Matsumoto’s manga `Black & White´.

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Here’s an enormous digitally drawn layout:-
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There’s a gallery here, some trailers here, and more info below the fold.>>

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