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A Change Is Gonna Come 0

At least, that’s what Sam, Al, Aaron, Otis, Seal and Aretha say. And who are we to argue? ______________________________________________________________

Dancing In The Aisles 0

Three little videos that show people 1 dancing2 in the aisles3. It will be a long time before I can erase the image of the old biddy in the pink cardigan, or the large lady in lime from my mind. Thanks to Hugo for these gems. Soundtrack is Not Safe For Work. Deffo, as they […]

Do You Listen To Radio While You Work? 1

If you are involved in long hours producing predominately image based work, and you like a bit of engaging radio to occupy your other hemisphere, you might be interested in this: A visual radio tuner, called Tun3r.com (Click the image to open up a bigger picture) (And I mean Big.) (Link…..)