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Gavril Pavlovich Kondratenko 1854 – 1924 2

The fifth of a series of snow themed posts, for this season of the year. Winter Morning 1901 (Click all these images to enlarge them please.) Landscape With Pagoda Gavriil Kondratenko was born in 1854. Studied at The Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Fine Arts from K.Gun and M. (Mikhail Konstantinovich) Klodt. Author of the […]

John Young-Hunter 6

A couple of years back I posted a series of winter themed paintings in the run-up to Christmas. ( Go back to the post about Arkhip Kuinji, on the 17th December 2007 ). Those posts were short and sweet, and featured painters whose work I had recently stumbled upon. The only thing that united them […]

One For Andrei. 3

I found this early version of the Pink Ball, by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472 – 1553) Click the image to enlarge it, please. (Andrei’s blog is at the top of the Blogroll to the right) ___________________________________________________________

William Wray’s Work for Nickelodeon’s “Mighty B!” 0

William Wray (Ren & Stimpy, etc.,) is showing some of the colour keys he’s painted for The Mighty B!. (Click to enlarge, please) Ten episodes will air over five days, starting on the 8th of September. The backgrounds work is shared with Seonna Hong and Richard Daskas. I like this artwork, but it’s a shame […]

£25,000 Prize Waiting – Only Figurative Painters Need Apply 0

The Mall Galleries, London, are waiting for the public’s vote in order to decide the winner of The Threadneedle Figurative Painting Prize. From an initial pool of 2,700 entries, 71 pictures have now been selected for final judging, with 7 works shortlisted for the prize. The final decision rests with the public, though, who can […]

The Adam and Ron Show 0

Artists Ron English and Adam Neate will share more than their ideology in an upcoming two man show at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms (London) in May. (Please click the small images to enlarge them) Press it. You know you want to…. (Thanks Damien, Thanks Edward.) The two images above are the work of the […]

Self Portrait 2

Hint: Turn your speakers down for this amazing video, so as to avoid the distractingly inane and vacuous comments of the onlookers. Thanks Paul!

Snow Scenes #9 – Christmas Edition 0

After looking at paintings of snow scenes created by artists who lived many years ago, it’s time to look at some pictures that have been painted by contemporary artists. What these people have in common is that, apart from being superb concept artists, they are also all featured in the blogroll (see left), and in […]

Richard Müller 5

The symbolist painter and etcher, Richard Müller, has provided the 8th in this series of snow scenes. It’s a painting of his from the end of the Second World War. The Dead Hare The Hare represents Europe, the Jackdaw: Germany and the Magpie is Russia. The symbolism in the image depends on the audience having […]

Ivan F. Choultsé 34

This is number seven in the seasonal series of snow scene themed posts. (Don’t try to say that with a mouthful of crackers.) The first time I came across the work of Ivan Fedorovitch Choultsé, (1877 – 1932) I couldn’t make up my mind whether he was a colourist genius or an early incarnation of […]