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Life.Turns: Animating a Cast of a Thousand Strangers 5

(Click this image to see the eight required poses for contributors) There’s a collaborative animation project gathering momentum at blipfoto during the Edinburgh Festival. The idea is that thousands of participants upload photos of family and friends one by one, posed in one of eight poses that together make up an animated walk cycle. The […]

Transformations Through Light – Photos by Helmar Lerski 1

There’s an interesting reference resource for all you CGI modellers and lighting artists looking for new ways to build on the standard three lamps setup. Take some time to study an exhibition of eighty-eight photographs by Helmar Lerski (1871–1956) currently showing at the Ubu Gallery in New York and running until the 25th of June, […]

Vroom Broom – Cleaning Up The Mean Streets Of Sanremo. 3

This is another post based on photos from the recent holiday in Liguria, Northern Italy. I came across this curious little one seater car on very hot day in Sanremo. Its driver had parked and gone off somewhere, leaving the keys in the ignition. I was so tempted to jump in and have a ride, […]

Scary Scorpion 2

While preparing a salad in the kitchen of the house in Liguria, I nearly jumped out of my skin when this fierce looking scorpion scuttled out onto the work surface. Amazingly, I happened to have the camera handy…. (Click to see terrifying detailed view.) More photos coming later…. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mystery Building 1

What and where is the building shown in the picture below? You an click the thumbnail to enlarge it, if that helps. OK. Here’s the rather surprising answer to the mystery building question: You’ve obviously twigged that it’s a Russian Orthodox church from the onion domes. What’s unexpected is the location: Sanremo, in the Italian […]

I Spied a Spider… 0

This tiny fellow had made a web on one of the panes of the back door. What you see below is an extreme close up of the spider, who is very very tiny indeed. It was a really tricky shot because the camera’s auto-focus was easily confused by the foliage beyond the hammer pattern glass. […]

Photo Gallery of Animation People 0

Richard Keith Wolff has been patiently taking photos of people in the animation business for nearly twenty years. Paul Chung, Russell Brooke, and Molly Jo Sanderson, Soho 1995 Richard has a long standing reputation as a rostrum cameraman. He has concentrated on his hand held camera work for many years now, and has been photographing […]

Waiting For The Staff To Turn Up…. 2

A modern building has sprouted up in my town, and while it waits patiently to be occupied by suits, it shimmers quietly in the morning sun looking for all the world like a swimming pool, tinted by the greenish cast of the windows. I just happened to have my camera with me…. (Click this picture […]

Wayne Levin 1

Floating (Please click to enlarge) Amazing photography by Wayne Levin. Mark under breaking wave Mark under (another) breaking wave Swimmers in the Iron Man event, Hawaii Column of Akule, Hawaii Free diver surrounded by Akule, Hawaii Wayne Levin has spent a career photographing the eerie and mysterious underwater world. Working in black and white, he […]

Frank Zappa’s Mum and Dad 1

Yes, even “Uncle” Frank had parents, but what Francis and Rosemary thought of his purple home décor was not recorded by the Life photographer, John Olson, back in 1970 when this photo was taken. (Click this small picture to reveal the whole purple gloriousness of Franks lounge area) This image is another treasure released from […]