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David Macdonald – Illusions and Illustrations 2

David Macdonald got in touch recently to discuss developments in Satori FilmFX, the film painting software that we both use. He added a link to his personal Photoshop illustration work that shows some amazing illusionistic work. (Click this thumbnail to reveal the whole picture, please) The Terrace (Click to reveal the whole BIG picture) Peregrination […]

Animated Characters Re-animated 6

(Click to enlarge ) Homer Simpson re-animated by Pixeloo It becomes more and more difficult to draw a clear line between animation and reality, especially when artists like Pixeloo keep pushing fantasy figures (like Homer here) back over the fantasy / reality border. Pixeloo is a Photoshop expert by day, who spends a lot of […]

The Best Photoshop Tip I’ve Ever Forgotten 4

There are so many handy tips about obscure Photoshop techniques floating around, that sooner or later, some of the more arcane ones just float off, beyond the reach of memory. Well; my memory, anyway. The research I do entails a lot of scanning, and of all sorts of materials. Typescripts, books and magazines, and even […]