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Sylvain Chomet on Jacques Tati

A couple of short clips from a recent radio programme – `Everyman Magnified´ – about Jacques Tati on Radio 4. (Where else!)

Sylvain Chomet discusses Tati’s (Foley) sound effects in the first clip, and, in the second clip we hear him talk about making an animated version of the 50 year old screenplay by Tati called “The Illusionist”, which is currently in production in Edinburgh.

Chomet talks about Jacques Tati

Chomet discusses “The Illusionist”

First Life

From Radio 4’s `Recorded For Training Purposes´.

thumbnail of First Life

Each programme is a co-written with the winners of a national sketch writing competition, selected from over 2,200 entrants. They have never written for radio before. Over fifty percent of the show is by new writers – which is a broadcasting first.

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