Second Day of Gobelins Student Films at the Annecy Festival

The second film to be shown at the Annecy Animation Festival, made by the 2nd year students at Gobelins school is called “Soapy Trip”.

Here’s a sequence of screenshots. You can enlarge by clicking on them.-

Soapy Trip

Soapy Trip

Soapy Trip

Soapy Trip

Soapy Trip

The crew were: Théo Boubounelle, Chloé Bury, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Claire Fauvel, and Vincent Nghiem.

See the movie in full, here.


Gobelins Student Films at 2010 Annecy Animated Film Festival

For the past eight years, the second year students at the Gobelins School of Communication in Paris have worked in small teams to provide the opening shorts for screening sessions at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival & Market that takes place every year in early June.

This year’s opener is a short called M.Eustache, and it was created by François Barreau, Violaine Briat, Clément Girard, Benoit Tranchet, and Maïté Xia.

thumbnail of M.Eustache
(Please click these images to enlarge them)

thumbnail of M.Eustache

thumbnail of M.Eustache

thumbnail of M.Eustache

thumbnail of M.Eustache

Here’s the link to the gallery of shorts on the Gobelins website.

This is an important year for the Annecy Animation Festival, because the 6 day event is the 50th time that animators from all over the world have met at this lakeside venue in the French alps.

As a bonus, here is a 50th anniversary poster for you to download, and suck your inkjet dry bring your printer to its knees when you print it out. Click on the picture for a LARGE version.

thumbnail of title

There’s more to come in the following days, so bookmark this post!

Day 5: Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 12th June

The fifth and last short film made by the 2nd Year Gobelins students’ work has been shown as the curtain raiser at the Annecy International Animation Festival.

It’s titled “Jelly Sunday”. (Believe it or not)

thumbnail of Jelly Sunday
(Please click these images to enlarge them)

thumbnail of Jelly Sunday

This short seems to me to have strong influences from John Kricfalusi and Bill Wray

thumbnail of Jelly Sunday
The mix of different media is very striking…

thumbnail of Jelly Sunday
Ooh! Look! Expressionism!

thumbnail of Jelly Sunday

Gretchen is left to her own devices while her monstruous family scarf down gargantuan platters of food.
She opens several packs of jelly which soon take on a life of their own, leading to her ultimate demise.


The crew: Ugo Bienvenu, Julien Daubas, Clément Desnos, Florian Parrot, and Arthur Peltzer

Ze link. This film does NOT require QuickTime. It’s presented as a YouTube video, available in high definition.

That’s all folks! – Same time next year?

Day 4: Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 11th June

DODUDINDON made its debut at the Annecy International Animation Festival today.
It’s the fourth of a series of films by students from the Gobelins School of Communication, in Paris.

The production crew, Lucrèce Andreae, Julien Chheng, Tracy Nowocien, and Rémy Schaepman, have concocted a story of a plucky young turkey who wants to woo a buxom lady turkey twice his age and more than three times his size. His pursuit of ecstatic happiness takes place in a sumptuous art nouveau ballroom.

thumbnail of Dodudindon
(Veuillez clicquer sur l’image pour l’aggrandir)

thumbnail of She tickles his fancy
Some beautiful lines of action on view here

thumbnail of The chase is on!
There’s some masterly physical animation in all these films, and these two mismatched fowl bend the laws of physics in a frantic chase sequence.

thumbnail of She's a real swinger
The young whippersnapper is almost completely enveloped by her quivering embonpoint.

A marvellously exuberant frolic, all in all. What’s more, it sticks to the brief of making reference to dance, although any reference to Germany remains vanishingly slight.

Here’s the link to the film, which requires QuickTime on your ‘puter.


Day 3: Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 10th June

The rays of the sun wake FENRIR the wolf from a millennial sleep in the tangled roots of the colossal tree Yggdrasil, and from its topmost branches he attacks the sun. Behind him, a hero appears ….

thumbnail of Fenrir The Wolf
(Please click these thumbnails to enlarge them)

thumbnail of Fenrir The Wolf

The action is fast and furious in this film, with some astonishing cuts and transitions between shots.

thumbnail of Fenrir The Wolf

There’s careful attention paid to the colour palette and compositions too.

thumbnail of Fenrir The Wolf

The sound design is superb, and Gerard Labady deservedly has a full screen credit

The animation crew consisted of: Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Alice Dieudonné, Aymeric Kevin, and Ulysse Malassagne

This is the third Gobelins student film to be shown at the Annecy International Animation Festival where it serves as an opening for all the main screenings of the day.

The films are all supposed to reference one or two common themes; Germany and/or dance. Students being students, the references have been stretched to near snapping point so far, and I reckon that the team of Fenrir have abandoned any pretence at including visual allusions to Germany or Dance in this submission!

Can you see any link?

Click here to see the film. (QuickTime required)


Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 9th June

The second Gobelins student film to be shown at the Annecy International Animation Festival has just been released.

It’s called Le Lac Gelé – The Frozen Lake.
It was animated by Jean-David Fabre, Fabien Guillaume, Sébastien Hary, Paul Nivet, Vincent Verniers.

An old man is led by a strange dog to a frozen lake in a vast cavern, and he ventures out onto the ice….

thumbnail of Frozen Lake
(Click the images to enlarge them, as usual)
thumbnail of Frozen Lake
All of these student films are constructed around the theme of dance, or Germany…
thumbnail of Frozen Lake
This film plays with the idea of the mysterious shapes dancing beneath the ice.

Here’s the link to the film. (QuickTime required)


Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 8th June

Ye it’s that time of year again, when the 2nd year students of the Gobelins School of Communication in Paris put their films on show at the Annecy Animation Festival.

The students work in small crews, concentrating only on the production of their group film. No essays, dissertations or other academic distractions. There is intense competition for places on the course; most of the applicants are already proficient animators.

The Annecy shorrts films are made to a very high standard, and are typically 60 – 90 seconds long. One was nominated for an Oscar last year.

The films are released one per day, to be shown at the beginning of each session of screenings. The first to appear this year is the story of a lamplighter in a tropical glasshouse who is beguiled by mysterious sprites. It’s called “Monstera deliciosa”, which is the botanic name for the Swiss Cheese Plant.

thumbnail of title
(Click these pictures for the big versions, please)

thumbnail of Beautiful backgrounds
I love the beautiful treatment of the backgrounds in this film

thumbnail of Amazing character design
There’s some very daring character design on view.

thumbnail of title
Someone took great care with the layouts and compositions.

Crew members are: Jérémy Macedo, Julien Perron, Ornélie Prioul, Rémi Salmon.

Here’s the link. (Requires QuickTime)

Another Gobelins post tomorrow, no doubt…

blank filler

Tony Trimmer – Greenpeace Short: “Coal Finger”

Tony Trimmer has collaborated with Blue Zoo to produce this timely and tongue-in-cheeky viral for Greenpeace UK.

thumbnail of Graverson Green
My name is Green…. Graverson Green. (Click to enlarge, as usual)

Greenpeace states:

We’ve unleashed our own special agent Graverson Green to expose the plot of Coalfinger and his carbon cronies who are planning to cover the world in coal-fired power stations and destroy the climate in Operation Browncloud.

Coalfinger, played by Brian Blessed (Black Adder, Flash Gordon) is scheming to bring the first new coal plant online in Kingsnorth Kent. Can Green played by David Mitchell (C4´s Peep Show) and his glamorous assistant Katrina Hurkane stop their dastardly plans? Is a top secret hideout involved? Are there plenty of double entendres? Watch the film to find out.

Tony contributed the character designs and was the consultant for the production which was achieved with Maya.

thumbnail of Katrina and Coalfinger

thumbnail of Coalfinger and his famous finger
Coalfinger and his Famous Finger.

thumbnail of Gaverson Green gets set to skewer CoalFinger
Kebab time!

Follow this link to see the film.


Gobelins Student Films at Annecy Animated Film Festival – Wrapped Up

For some years, the final year students at the Gobelins school in Paris have provided the opening shorts for screening sessions at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival & Market that takes place in early June.

Every day’s proceedings at the festival are introduced with a new short film.
Details of these animated films have been posted below day by day – Monday’s is at the bottom of the post.

The choice of hand drawn animation arose in large part from the themes chosen for the festival by the Annecy organisers. This year is the centenary of Tex Avery’s birth and also marks 100 years since Emile Cohl showed the first animated film, Fantasmagorie. There was a big focus on Indian animation during the festival with three programmes of shorts, student films, and two full length animated features.

Which might go some way to explaining why the majority of these five shorts’ artwork was executed by hand.

Friday the 13th June.

Today’s opening short is called VIP, and it deals with the all important screenings session pass.

thumbnail of VIP
(Click to enlarge, etc.)

The artists are Kherveen Dabylall, Denis Do, Benoît Guillaumot, Françoise Losito, and Patrick Pujalte.

thumbnail of VIP

thumbnail of VIP

That makes it the fifth of these opening shorts to be principally produced in hand drawn animation. It must be some sort of statement. Way to go!
See the film here.

Thursday’s (12th of June) film by the Gobelins students is called “Garuda” and it follows the trend set by the previous three in that it’s another piece of hand drawn animation.

thumbnail of Garuda
(Click to enlarge these pictures)

thumbnail of Garuda

thumbnail of Garuda

Nicolas Athane, Meryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff, Maïlys Vallade were responsible for creating Garuda. You can see the film here.

Wednesday 11th of June
The third release is out there now. It’s called Wild Casting, and was created by Nicolas Caffarel, Thomas Charra, Floriane Marchix, Jérémie Moreau, Baptiste Rogron, and Melvina Wong.

(Click the thumbnails to expand)
thumbnail of Wild Casting

thumbnail of Wild Casting

thumbnail of Wild Casting

And guess what! It’s hand drawn animation again…. Here’s the link.

Tuesday 10th of June

The second Gobelins film to be released, La Ballade Sauvage, (below) is now online here.

thumbnail of Ballade Sauvage
Another hand drawn animation! Is this a trend? Will they all be hand drawn?

thumbnail of Ballade Sauvage

Created by: Cyril Drouin, Mai Nnguyen, Gabriel Jolly Monge, Elen Le Tannou, and Marion Stinghe.

Monday 9th of June

thumbnail of Supertromp
(Click to enlarge the thumbnails, please)

A new student film makes its debut each day of the festival, and the first to be released is “Supertromp” produced by Brice Chevillard, Melody Cisinsky, David Francois, Jacques Jarczyk and Gaelle Thierry.

Delightful to see that Supertromp has been animated in 2D hand drawn animation.

thumbnail of Supertromp

thumbnail of Supertromp

Stay tuned!

More films will be added to the Gobelins web page as the week rolls on.

My New Weblog

Working with animation students in the 21st Century is so far removed from my own experience of art education in the previous century.

A large part of my lecturing work is delivered on screens of various sizes, and I necessarily have to refer to extra resources that only exist online, as well as recommending old fashioned printed books for further study.

So, in order to shorten the time spent in remembering and scribbling down URLs on scrappy bits of paper at the end of each session, I’ve decided to create a sort of huge online linkdump, organised into material suited to the three different years students that I teach.

thumbnail of Ravensbourne Animation Hub
(Please click the thumbnail to enlarge it)

All the animation students are encouraged to maintain their own personal study blogs.
With the advent of YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion (and many others) it has become laughably easy for them to share their line tests, animatics and blockouts with their peers and tutors.

The third year students work co-operatively to produce their final year films, and they maintain group blogs which they use as repositories for all the material they use in their projects; Visual research, Mood boards, production timelines & schedules and so on.

These production blogs are equivalent to the journals that the degree programme stipulates for assessment, so they are marked accordingly. However, the extraordinary benefit that arises when compared to a paper document journal, is not just the extra dimension offered by embedded audio visual media, but the ability to share the experience of making a film as it is being made.

So, I’ve taken the hint, and started a student focused blog at, the company that offers free hosting to over one and three quarter million blogs (a figure that’s rising fast).
WordPress has the ability to behave like a static website as well as a journal style blog at the same time, which suits my purpose of storing links and resources targeted at three different student groups.
It’s early days yet, but I will sort out my masses of lecture notes and get wads of useful info up on the new site / blog, in the next few days.

It gives me the idea that I might just do something similar here at Articles & Texticles.