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Extreme Typographic Fandom & A Curiously Star Struck Dog 2

You probably have at least one favourite typeface, and I’m pretty sure that you’re likely to favour a dozen or so others that you can happily deploy depending on context and use, of course. Now some of your stable of old faithful faces will eventually amble quietly out to pasture beyond your studio door, either […]

Günther Reindorff & Villu Toots 3

Evening Landscape, Günther Reindorff, 1944 (Clickety, clickety to make it biggety!) I think I came across this beautfully wistful mezzotint on Bukowski‘s auction website. I can’t be precise because I was not using the researcher’s friend, ClipCache Pro at the time. Google didn’t yield much on this Estonian artist apart from some rather badly scanned […]

Clearing The Cellar – David Dabner of the LCP 2

For once, here’s a YouTube video with some intelligent comments appended to it. The subject is the Typography tutor at the old London College of Printing, David Dabner, or “Debner” as the slightly 1950’s style voice over artist pronounces it. The LCP is now known as the London College of Communication, and it’s the largest […]

TypeFaces (Type – Faces Geddit?) 0

Figaro; Primer Two Line Ancient; Eight Lines Elongated Sans Series No. 3 From “Typefaces You Won´t Recognise”, a series of witty postcards produced by Paul Belford for the London Type Museum. Five Lines Pica No. 2; Anglo Saxon; Granby Eight Lines French Antique No. 1; Seven Lines Open No. 1; Doric No. 3 Eight Lines […]