Who am I and what am I doing?

I am Bernard Nils, a husband, a father of two and a passionate and creative writer and artist. My family has always been my source of happiness and inspiration, and they are the reason why I found ways to wish to explore and learn more about life. My wife and my two kids, I consider them all as life’s masterpiece and the perfect gifts I have received.

Aside from being a good husband and father who I am confident I am, I’m also known for my effective, engaging, heartfelt and creative writings and work of arts. Aside from doing my responsibilities to my wife and my two kids, I spent most of the time writing and doing artworks. These have been my hobbies. Other hobbies that I enjoy are reading, travelling and, blogging and more.

All through the years, I have always been fascinated with writing, creating art works and many other things about life. But I must admit that aside from family, being a writer and artist are closest to my heart.

Upon completing my degree, I have indulged myself more to be a writer and artist for I believed that aside from expressing and using my passion, being as such also opens newer and better opportunities for me. I created this site to have a trusted platform where I can review the best art pieces in the world and be able to share my thoughts.

Bernard Nils’ Huge Interest in Arts and Literature

Bernard Nils - artist and writer

As many of you might already know, I have a huge interest in arts and literature. I do believe that all of us have creative gifts that are worth sharing to the world and that include art. Whether you have a book in mind, a business or a project that you want to create, this site can be of great help to you. If you have a passion for creativity, arts, literature and more, this website was created just for you. Here you can access reviews on the world’s best art pieces, and you will also be able to know my thoughts.

For me, literature and art are composed of words and images that give pleasure. These elevate and transform the experience, and through literature and art, it significantly functions in the society as continuing symbolic appreciation and even criticism. I am hugely interested in literature and art because I consider these as forms of human connections and expression.

Literature is actually the art form of a language and words are the tools as painter utilizes paints, musicians use instruments, sculpture uses stones and chisel, and the writer tends to use words. For most writers and artists, they would agree that interests and passion will serve as fuel to strengthen enthusiasm and love for arts.

Bernard Nils strongly believes that one’s interest in arts and literature will not just allow them to learn and explore opportunities, but this will also empower their lives. You can read my reviews on some of the best literature masterpieces.

Why Art is Important to Bernard Nils

Many individuals certainly share deep understanding and appreciation to arts. Even Bernard Nils recognizes the importance of arts to people and the communities. I value arts highly, and art is relevant because this helps me understand why we, people matter.

Art is significant because this is something about places and people that are not yet known otherwise. Arts can make my heart and brain stretch to be able to have some room for newness. Arts can also be a representation of the human experience. At a certain point, people won’t be connected deeply without art’s existence.

The importance of art

Art is also important because this provides us with mutual spaces where we can talk to each other about things that interest us. Arts can even turn strangers to friends or can connect people who share the same passion and interest. Art galleries are the best places to discuss art.

Another important thing, arts matter because this can move people on an emotional and intellectual level. Whether there is something which stays with you several days later, there is a performance, song or piece that moves you emotionally and spiritually; there will always be a thing that will let you see things differently. One of the essential purposes of art is to cause reactions, and with that purpose, this will create a synergy of positive change in people’s thoughts, perceptions and attitudes.

For Bernard Nils, arts matter because, without this, our crucial voices, strong emotions, energy, and empathy, as well as connectedness and tendencies toward complexities, might wither because of disuse. As stated by Amy Stolls, "The arts matter because, with them, we matter".

On top of these all, arts matter because this got the power to change lives. But individuals still have to note that, art by definition means communication. This is communication between audience and artist. If it is not communicable, then it is not art.

Feel free to explore this site to learn more about Bernard Nils.