Who am I and what am I doing?

I am Bernard Nils, and I am a professional artist and writer. I am confident that I have what it takes to grow and succeed in this craft. I can see, to draw what I see, to write and express my views and ideas, and the ability to showcase myself and my work most efficiently and professionally.

As an artist, I am persistent. My persistence allows me to continue trying and doing something despite the complexities. This attribute also enables me to improve and perfect my skills, learn more new skills, finish my writing or my piece, create exceptional works, be successful as an artist and as a writer and be able to sustain my career.

I'm a writer and an artist!

I also appreciate the value of patience. This is the quality of calm endurance. As an artist, I am also passionate, and remain as such, even during highs and lows of works. I believe that patience tends to even out these highs and lows. It is just like persistence. However, while persistence is more on discipline, patience is more about attitude.

Over the years, I take time to continuously learn and make myself a better writer and artist that excels in my field. But also, through the years, I never let my passion vanish. My artistic passion is what motivates me to create. Passion is also my driving force which keeps me making arts even at times I have no reason to do it.

If you’re a writer or an artist, you do not need to experience that flaming exuberance though this thing isn’t awful. What you need is the desire and determination to do the work. I let my passion fuels my patience and persistence and use these driving forces to push through with my career in a positive way. I like to take inspiration from great literature pieces and analyze them through my self.

I take pride in my efficiency, experience, and professionalism as an artist/writer. Despite doing great in my craft, I’m still open to continuous learning because I believe that the industry will evolve and move forward. Learning and staying abreast will guarantee that you will not be left behind.